UltraSonic Cleaners

A medium-sized business, worldly-minded, ambitious and reliable – this is ELMA, manufacturers of quality products for the cleaning of highly sensitive components for over 50 years now. The focus of our business activities lies on the ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Our product range in the field of ultrasonic cleaning is probably the largest worldwide, including serial units and specially designed cleaning installations. From the smallest table- top unit for the cleaning of glasses up to a 20-stage special installation for the fine cleaning of computer chips in the manufacturing process – the ELMA ultrasound technology is the core of every product.

The electronical / physical ultrasonic technology is perfected by the necessary chemical component: our own chemical department rounds off our product range developing and producing cleaning media suitable for the use in ultrasonic units, both standard and tailor- cut.

In addition to the ultrasonic technology ELMA follows its long tradition and develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of special appliances for the watchmaker and jeweller.

The satisfaction of our customers enjoys top priority with all of our 200 staff members, so a process-oriented working style and the EN ISO 9001-2000 certification are a matter of course. The world-wide approval of our customers proves the efficiency of our quality management and is at the same time a challenge for even further improvements.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasound: the technology that will measure up to any cleaning task.

Today, the latest technology for cleaning tasks is cleaning by ultrasonic activity.
The special advantage are perfect cleaning results in the quickest possible time; no additional work necessary and no damage to the cleaning items. Ultrasound is mechanical vibration. The human ear can perceive frequencies between 16 and 20000 Hz (vibrations per second). Ultrasonic vibrations begin beyond this range of human perception. Liquids can transmit high ultrasonic energies. Vibration and flow accelerate the cleaning effect on the cleaning items. This is what allows reproducible cleaning processes with optimum results.

For detailed information on our instruments as well as possible applications please see the following:www.elma-ultrasonic.com