With a staff of some 300 employees Nabertherm has been developing and producing kilns/furnaces and process plants for many kinds of heat treatment processes for over 60 years. 150,000 customers throughout 100 countries of the world testify to the success of the company.Decades of experience in the manufacture of industrial kilns and furnaces have resulted in the renowned high “Nabertherm quality”, distinguished by top quality materials, the greatest possible temperature accuracy and innovative and precise process control.

Every laboratory application requires a particular kiln. We have developed a series of laboratory kilns that will meet your requirements. Our range includes preheating kilns for dental applications, drying cabinets for simple drying processes and tube or chamber kilns for a wide range of laboratory applications. And, if you really don’t find the kiln you’re looking for, we’ll gladly help you develop the one you need.

For detailed information on our instruments as well as possible applications please see the following: www.nabertherm.de