Electrophoresis systems

Founded in 1980 by Jean Claude and Philippe Montagné, APELEX has manufactured high quality electrophoresis power supplies, carrying both the APELEX label and logos of well- known companies in the molecular biology market for more than 20 years.
APELEX manufacture electrophoresis power supplies which have been designed to use state of the art electronic technology as microprocessor and switching technology, allied to the exact requirement of the scientist. APELEX is a privately owned company
whose commitment is to provide, manufacture and service a product of high quality.
All instrument of research, design, and development are made “in house”. Manufacturing is performed by two associated facilities, which are ISO9001 certified.

APELEX product range now includes gel tanks, the ASA range-horizontal tanks for nucleicacids electrophoresis, the VERTIGEL range-vertical tanks for proteins electrophoresis –sequencing units and associated apparatus for molecular biology.

With our continued success & growth, APELEX – France, has been determined since 1986 to increase its dominance in the worldwide market.

For detailed information on our instruments as well as possible applications please see the following: www.apelex.fr